When most Edmontonians consider chiropractic care, they think of back pain and neck pain. While chiropractors are primarily used to alleviate these musculoskeletal concerns, we can say for sure that thousands of residents are living with other conditions that could be relieved if only they knew how all-encompassing our discipline really is. Improved quality of life is just around the corner for those who learn about these surprising benefits of chiropractic care. Read below to take the first step.

5 Unexpected Advantages and Life Improvements to Come from Receiving Regular Chiropractic Care

I. Headache and Migraine Relief

According to research, nearly 80,000 Alberta residents live with chronic migraines. Thousands of others experience regular headaches too. Many sufferers don’t realize that underlying neck and/or back injuries could be the source of these chronic headaches and migraines. This is where chiropractic intervention comes in. Spinal manipulation is a highly effective treatment option for correcting issues and imbalances in your spine and will alleviate tension-driven headaches. Learn more about how chiropractors may effectively treat chronic headaches and migraines.

II. Reduced Anxiety and Stress

As the years progress, research and society realize that a more holistic approach to alleviating anxiety and stress is required. Relying on medications is generally not sustainable, and it can become dangerous if a dependency is created. As a part of this holistic strategy, we encourage you (those living with mild anxiety and stress) to consider adding chiropractic work to your wellness regime. 

Why? The nervous system’s superhighway travels down the spine. Any interruption in its flow could affect mood. The correct form of chiropractic manipulation can positively impact mood and help ease stress and anxiety. Additional studies have found that chiropractic interventions can even supplement depression management programs.

III. Better Hormonal Balance

Lifecycle changes (i.e., puberty, menstruation, childbirth, etc.), stress, medical conditions, and certain medications can all create hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances need to be corrected as they can lead to everything from compromised heart rates and obesity to unhealthy weight loss and fatigue. While most people look towards medications and health supplements, chiropractic care can assist with restoring hormonal balance. How?

A chiropractor can identify whether spinal alignment issues may be interfering with your nerve function. If/when identified, they can correct these issues through spinal adjustments. These adjustments help your brain more efficiently communicate with your endocrine glands, which in turn helps correct your hormonal imbalances. As a result, patients may experience improvements in everything from mood, digestion, sleep, cognitive function, hair growth, and more. By more, we also mean libido. Keep reading.

IV. Better Sex

Now do we have your attention? 

A chiropractor may be able to identify underlying issues that could cause reduced libido and other sexual malfunctions. The spinal cord is connected to almost every other organ in our body, including the ones that count in the bedroom. The intricate muscles and nerves surrounding the spinal cord are deeply connected to male and female sexual organs. A minor injury, tear, spasm, or malfunction can result in erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and/or reduced libido. From here, a compounding effect can inflate feelings of anxiety and stress around sex, at which point a vicious cycle ensues. If this explanation alone is insufficient, please consider that the human brain stem connects the brain to the spinal cord, which controls bodily functions such as breathing, body temperature, blood pressure, and sex drive. The latter is impacted because your neural network regulates thoughts and emotions, which are interconnected to libido. Consequently, regular chiropractic care to correct a compromised spinal cord can improve your sex life.

V. Allergy Relief?

If fresh-cut grass or furry pets send a chill up your spine, you might consider seeing a chiropractor and an allergist. There is anecdotal evidence that suggests chiropractic care may be warranted as a part of a holistic plan to manage allergies better. 

This is because of the effects mentioned above that chiropractic adjustments have on the nervous system. Misalignment or other dysfunctions of the vertebra can result in focal irritation in the spine. This sends an abnormal signal to the central nervous system. When this signal occurs along the same pathway that depends upon the input of normal environmental signals, your body won’t interpret the information correctly. When this happens, an allergic reaction can result. By correcting the misalignment or dysfunction of the vertebra, you may see a reduction in allergy symptoms. 

Note: More research is required to study the extent to which chiropractic intervention may assist in managing allergy symptoms.

Do you suffer from any of the above ailments? Want to learn more about how a chiropractor can help with these and an even wider variety of physical health concerns? Contact South Edmonton Chiropractic Centre today for an assessment.